Classic Kitchen

Cinnamon Stars, 0,50l

If you love the flavors and scents of Christmas, Classic Kitchen Cinnamon Stars are made for you!

Type / flavor:

Cinnamon Stars

Packing / weight:



10g honey, 2 egg whites

Cooking instruction:

Mix the content of the bottle with 10g honey and 2 egg whites. Stretch the dough to half centimeter thick on a floured board, and cut the dough in star shapes. Cover a baking pan with baking paper, place the slices, and bake them in preheated oven for 12-15 minutes at 125°C. When they are ready, decorate them with icing!


wheat flour, sugar, minced walnut, vanillin sugar, dried grated lemon peel, salt, ground cinnamon

Because the quality matters

The HACCP food safety system has been in practice since 2002, serving food safety and traceability obligations. IFS management system was introduced in 2007. The company has its own laboratory, which forms the basis of internal quality control.

cert 100% produced in Hungary,
European Union
cert HACCP
Safe and Quality
food certificate
cert IFS
Safe and High End Quality
food certificate

Press room - Don’t miss a thing

ANUGA 2017 Exhibition - Cologne

06. october 2017.
Food expo

We are here in Cologne at the ANUGA 2017 Exhibition, which is the World's largest Food & Beverage Fair. The Felfoldi Team is very excited and getting ready to start the Show tomorrow.

Family Day at Talentum

24. may 2017.
Social engagement

On 20th May, Talentum Baptist Elementary School held a family day in Debrecen. The following kind words were written by Erika Czirják, Headmistress of the school. 

"Towards the Light” with the Felföldi

29. march 2017.
Social engagement

The Towards the Light Foundation wishes to be a reliable partner of mentally handicapped and people with multiple disabilities during their lifetime at any age.

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