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Felföldi Ltd at international exhibitions

31. January 2020.
Food expo
Felföldi Ltd at international exhibitions

As in all international markets, Felfoldi Ltd is also trying to compete for the mercy of foreign partners, so it’s very important to us to be present at most major exhibitions of the food industry every year.

Most recently we went to ANUGA in Cologne, which is a food and catering industry trade fair, but we are already getting ready for the next big event, ISM. ISM is in February, and because it’s one of the biggest confectionery fairs in the world, naturally we need to represent our company and our products as well.
I thought you might be interested in what such an event is all about and exactly what a company needs to do if they want to attend an exhibition like that.

Let’s begin with why exhibitions are so crucial for companies. The focus is usually on our operations, potential sales and the nurture of our customer relationships. A lot of things depend on these events. On one hand, there are the exhibitors, like us. Just imagine thousands of companies with their own products. On the other hand, there are the visitors - agents, distributors or corporate representatives, trying to find the best products to put on the supermarket shelves.
A trade fair which last only a few days can be the venue for hundreds of mini-meetings. It’s like speed dating but in the business world, because once you have mutual interest in each other and find common ground, you change contact info and after the event the real courtship begin.
If we are already on the topic of dating…. just imagine how hard it is for companies to be noticed at an event like this when there are thousands of competitors around and we are all fighting for the same attention.

It takes an insane amount of time and conscious planning from our part.

First, we need to register and design a booth. When we know the size of the booth, we have to build a concept of the design and we also have to furnish the exhibition space. We make a list about all the products we want to showcase, develop new products if needed, new packaging, brochures, flyers and gift bags. We make promotional items and we will also let our old partners know that we will be there so they won’t forget to visit us at the event. We prepare the sales team, put together the products to make sure we have it all, pack it in the wagons, organize the travel and lodging, getting there, unpacking, setting up a booth, speed date all day, closing at the end, pack up, bring everything home, summarize and evaluate, and finally we start to court our new potential customers.

It's a difficult game. 15-20 people needed to plan and build an exhibition like this but at Felföldi we are in love with this game and we are more and more motivated every year.

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Felföldi Ltd at international exhibitions

31. january 2020.
Food expo

As in all international markets, Felfoldi Ltd is also trying to compete for the mercy of foreign partners, so it’s very important to us to be present at most major exhibitions of the food industry every year.

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