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Candy maker of Debrecen wrote a symphony!

22. February 2013.
Felfoldi music
Candy maker of Debrecen wrote a symphony!

A special event was held on Friday night at the Bartók Hall in Debrecen. The main attraction wasn’t the Kodály Philharmonic Orchestra’s rehearsal, not even the lot of microphones or cables caught an eye. It was more so a grey-haired man, who was listening the musicians with a touched face and at times he had tears in his eyes.

He was one of Debrecen’s noted businessman, Joseph Felfoldi, and it was his own symphonic poem, which was played and recorded there. The Kodály Philharmonic Orchestra was guided by Zoltán Bókai, and the instrumentation was supervized by Lajos Bördős.

„I’m an amateur composer, who loves music” claimed Mr. Felföldi. „I like to croon my feelings, so then competent experts can make them clear. I create my poems for myself and my family, for example Awakening symphony is one of those.”

As we have been informed, the composer will publish a CD soon from some of his classical music material. The owner of the world-known Felföldi Confectionery Ltd. thanked the musicians help and work, and then he told us that his dream is to hear his works to be played for bigger audiences. As far as we know, he has every chance to it, soon in Radio Bartók.

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