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Felföldi success on children’s day

03. June 2014.
Social engagement
Felföldi success on children’s day

On the first Sunday of June people celebrated children all over Debrecen.


It was quite a chilly day, but there was only happiness and smiling on childrens’ events. The reason was the huge amount of Felfoldi candy, which made every kid happy. We divided a lot of sweetness with the city’s vice mayor, Zoltan Pajna.

Each Felföldi Kft. product has great success, children loved to eat Cornsixx, chocolate and caramel flavoured popcorn, and they drank a lot of milk with the magical Quick Milk sippers.

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Felföldi Ltd at international exhibitions

31. january 2020.
Food expo

As in all international markets, Felfoldi Ltd is also trying to compete for the mercy of foreign partners, so it’s very important to us to be present at most major exhibitions of the food industry every year.

Felföldi Ltd is keeping up with the customers’ needs

22. january 2020.
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Last Friday, our Chief Financial Officer, Réka Tóth, PhD was on Dehir’s Esti Közelkép. She was asked about the new and strict environmental regulations and the ever-changing consumer demands. 

"Let's Run, Jog or Walk For the Birds of the Great Forest" For the Fourth Time

17. october 2019.
Felfoldi news, Social engagement

It was now the 4th sportday called "Let's run, jog or walk for the birds of the Great Forest" on 13th October in Debrecen.

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