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Gala Night

12. October 2018.
Felfoldi news
Gala Night

Last night I had the possibility to represent our family company Felfoldi Ltd. on Journal "Figyelo" Top 200 Gala Night. 

Great events form significant part of the business world.
People have distinct opinion about it; some like watching it on television, video channels, some are not interested in at all, but when it’s time to attend it, it’s all different. To be honest, I felt a little anxious before, but when we arrived, it all went away. I enjoyed the free-wheeling conversation and special vibes of the place. Last night I had the possibility to represent our family company Felfoldi Ltd. on Figyelo Top 200 Gala Night. Events and receptions like this, always create a great opportunity to make contact with others in the sector and that was not different this time.
Journal „Figyelo” chose the top 200 inland entrepreneur due to the company’s efficiency, labour productivity, and salaries. I am proud to announce that this year we ranked 79 on the list. I am grateful and would like to say thank you all of my colleagues because this result is fruit of teamwork. I believe our task is not just to preserve but to exceed this achievement.
I assure that Felfoldi Ltd. continue to play an important role on the market in Hungary henceforward.
This event highlighted the importance of social gatherings, and I feel lucky that we managed to represent our beloved company.



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