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Job creation, 2010.

21. June 2010.
Felfoldi news
Job creation, 2010.

The Felföldi Confectionary Ltd. has won a non-refundable support of 53. 229. 792 forints as a support contract between the Felföldi Confectionary Ltd. and ÉARFÜ (Hungarian abbreviation for „North Alföldi Regional Development Agency NonprofitLtd.) for factory development. 

The all-cost of the project reached 133.408.000 forints, so the amount of the support is that of 40%. The construction of the workshop started on 21st June, 2010 and ended at the end of the 2010 year. Thanks tot he support, 12 new jobs came into existance at the Debrecen based Felföldi Confectionary Ltd., the workplace’s serve, the storage of the commodity and other materials’ in a safe and hygienic way. The optimal logistical system’s performance increases the productional and operating system’s qualitative level. 

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