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10. February 2014.
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How is it possible to make off-shore companies from Hungarian courts? How can qualified, law graduated people ruin an enterprise incorrectly, wrapped behind the paragraphs? Are the judges impartial or not, when they see packed crocodile leather cases? We emphasize: only they can see it, if there will be unidentifiable fingerprints or not.

Felfoldi Confectionery Ltd. is Hungary’s, or we can even say that one of the world’s leading confectionery manufacturing company. The Felfoldi products are sold in 5 continents’ 70 countries, and people are queuing for them.

One of the most popular products is Quick Milk Magic Sipper which is an own development. And now let’s stop for a minute. In November 2007, in the middle of Quick Milk’s huge success, an Australian company called Unistraw Holding turned up out of nowhere. They claimed that I own their trademark, and asked the Hungarian Court to forbid me from production, storage and distribution. It was perfectly clear that Judge Dr. Csüllög Katalin is not an expert in confectionery. At last I convinced my truth, but due to this cause my company was liquidated and hundreds of employees had been dismissed.

Unistraw lost the case against me, this is a fact. As my bitter experience shows, the Capital Regional Court gives the truth immediately to a foreigner, instead of supporting a Hungarian enterprise. A judge tries to ruin my work of 20 years.

After all of this, how could I believe that the Hungarian judge is independent, and her conscience is a subject to legislation?

I’m looking forward to your questions.

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12. march 2018.
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06. march 2018.
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