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South-Korean Court gave justice to the Hungarian businessman

24. February 2014.
Felfoldi news
South-Korean Court gave justice to the Hungarian businessman

After Germany and Spain, a South-Korean Court also gave truth to Joseph Felfoldi in a billionaire trademark-couse. But at home he is under the necessity of fighting for his money.

In 1997 the Hungarian businessman, Joseph Felfoldi invented a straw, which can flavour milk. However an australian company, Unistraw released a similar product. They sued Mr. Felfoldi’s company claiming that he stole their invention. The action was followed by many proceedings around the world. Which is interesting in this cause is that while the Spanish and German Court gave truth to Mr. Felföldi, the Hungarian Capital Regional Court believed to the australians. Here in Hungary not even the legal costs had been refund for him.

„A few days ago I got an email” said the businessman, who has been also sued in South-Korea by Unistraw. „The paper was full with doodles, I couldn’t understand a word. I got the official translation one day later, which made everything clear: they gave justice to me. My rival couldn’t do anything, even in South-Korea, even though there you can arrange anything with money.

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Edible straws are coming soon by Joseph Felfoldi

26. june 2018.
Felfoldi news

Edible Straws are coming soon by the inventor of Quick Milk Magic Sippers- Joseph Felfoldi who says It's important for environmental awareness because we only have one planet, so we all have to do something to save it! The new product developement is in prgress.
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Know more about Joseph Felfoldi

06. june 2018.
Felfoldi news

Joseph Felföldi founded his company Felföldi Confectionery Ltd, which he has since successfully developed into a globally-exporting enterprise employing nearly 300 people.He is a Hungarian businessman, music producer, motivational writer and philanthropist. You can learn more about him and his four faces at his official website. 


Superstars by Classic Kitchen

24. may 2018.
Felfoldi news

Superstars are existing! These are our's by Classic Kitchen. Based on our customer feedbacks from all over the world these are the most popular baking mixes in the world. Our mission was to create something we can call the "bottles happiness" and we gladly receive feedbacks that makes us feeling that we do achieve our goals.

Classic Kitchen
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