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The best morning starters

20. November 2017.
The best morning starters

Hello Everyone! How is your week starting? What is your favorite morning starter with your coffee or tea?

Do you prefer salty or sweet treats? 
British scientists confirmed that if your Monday starts well then the rest of your week will be also good, so do something in order to make sure you have a great start today.... !
Have a nice day Everyone!

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The HACCP food safety system has been in practice since 2002, serving food safety and traceability obligations. IFS management system was introduced in 2007. The company has its own laboratory, which forms the basis of internal quality control.

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Job Expo 2018

21. april 2018.
Felfoldi news

Great day yesterday at the Hall Job Expo. We had the opportunity to meet many very talented people who could be part of our team in the future. Thank you for visiting us it was nice to meet you all!
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19. april 2018.
Felfoldi news

A Felföldi Édességgyátó Kft. részt vesz az idei Állásbörzén Debrecenben.

Our little visitors

29. march 2018.
Social engagement

We have some very special guests from the Ibolya Street Elementary School this week.

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