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The story of Joseph Felfoldi’s success: From a bronze kettle to a candy factory

02. June 2011.
Felfoldi news
 The story of Joseph Felfoldi’s success: From a bronze kettle to a candy factory

„I already decided as a young man that I don’t want to be an employee.” Joseph Felfoldi started his career with selling hamburgers, then he dealt with soaps and bath salts, and now he’s knows as the owner of the well known Felföldi candy factory.

„I got in contact with the world of candies by chance. A good friend of mine lost his life in a car accident, and I bought a huge bronze kettle from his family to help them. I had no idea what it was made for, but I really liked it. 4-5 years later I called an expert to take a look at it, he told me that it’s a dragee kettle which produces candy. Well, that’s how candy-producing started.” claimed Joseph Felfoldi.

The rest of the interview is available on Hajdu Online:

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