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The year 2024 has begun at Felföldi Confectionery Ltd.

02. January 2024.
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The year 2024 has begun at Felföldi Confectionery Ltd.

After a two-week break,the factory started again with fresh energy on January 2, 2024, at Felföldi Confectionery Ltd. 

The production plan shows that the break was necessary because the factory's full capacity is booked months in advance. Manufacturing is going smoothly. Besides making the usual products, they are also working on developing and testing new ones. They are even working on creating entirely new products or giving a new look to familiar ones in the Felföldi Confectionery lineup.

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The HACCP food safety system has been in practice since 2002, serving food safety and traceability obligations. IFS management system was introduced in 2007. The company has its own laboratory, which forms the basis of internal quality control.

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Quick Milk, the famous flagship

18. march 2024.
QM, Quick Milk Magic Sippers, Felföldi

The justly famous Quick Milk, the famous flagship of the Felföldi Confectionery Company. It is perhaps the most well-known of the company's products in Hungary. Even those who do know, it would probably not have guessed how many flavours are available in this magic dipped in milk.

Felföldi Confectionery Ltd was a huge success at ISM.

01. march 2024.
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It is difficult to choose your favourites from a wide range of products. These products were the biggest hits at this year's ISM.

The Felföldi Confectionery Company is visiting ISM again.

22. january 2024.
ISM, Felfoldi Products, Felföldi

The Felföldi Confectionery Manufacturer is once again attending the ISM. The plans for the booth are already in place, with products prepared and the team traveling to the exhibition ready to depart. But the question remains: what is the Felföldi Confectionery Manufacturer showcasing at ISM this year?

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